Fully customizable Cross Platform Cookie Consent Manager solution to make your website GDPR Compliant.
Make your own cookie information popup, no programming skills required

abis studio
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abis studio
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With CookieBox you have all tools provided to make your website GDPR compliant.
Create custom design easily!

Easy install
With just a couple of clicks, you can integrate CookieBox with any website and start displaying Cookie Consent Notification.

GDPR compliant
Easily comply with the cookie requirements set by the new EU laws

Branding and configuration
Fully customizable to look just like your own website’s style: customize the colors, styles and fonts.

Full transparency and complete logs for any and all audits on each of your user's preferences, changes, full traceability.

Multiple languages
Create the pop-up notifications in any language you like. In case that you want your users to have the box open in their language preference.

Traceability and continuity
Never lose sight of your data. At the end of the log period, we’ll notify you to download the historical data



  • Customizable solutions
  • Individualized support to help admins
    manage at scale

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Become GDPR/ePR compliant and gain your user’s trust.

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