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CookieBox offers an easy-to-implement javascript code to add to your website to allow end users to configure what cookies are allowed to be stored in their browser. It is important for all websites serving users from the EU to allow them to choose whether or not they want to be tracked.

To meet the new privacy requirements set by GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) which took effect on May 25th 2018, each website has to provide a choice to it’s users.

Why should I use

We provide customizable javascript code that you can easily implement on your web site for free. The widget is GDPR compliant, requiring clear consent from users. It provides them with a choice to allow or revoke any cookie categories, at any time using the cookie settings pop-up triggered by a shortcode in any page.

After the trial period, the service can be purchased for a minimum of 12 months with advance payment at an affordable price. On the 24 months subscription we offer a 5% and on the 36 months subscription a 10% discount. We accept both wire transfer and card payments.

For more details on GDPR and Privacy regulations please consult this material

Easy to use

You add a website and configure the cookie categories in a matter of minutes, adding additional customized templates as you go. Once you have refined your templates, the pop-up can be created in seconds with just a few clicks.

You can fully customize the design so it fits in with your existing website: change the colors, fonts, styles, the position on the page and even how it behaves when you click „Save”.

Insightful analytics &

With GDPR Compliance Reports you gain access to full transparency and complete logs for
any and all audits on each of your user’s preferences, changes, full traceability.

List of mandatory documents
required by GDPR

Here are the documents that you must have if you want to be fully GDPR compliant. Please note that the names of the documents are not prescribed by the GDPR, so you may use some other titles; you also have a possibility to merge some of these documents

How should requests from individuals be dealt with?

Individuals may contact a public administration to exercise their rights under the GDPR […]

What are Data Protection Authorities (DPAs)?

DPAs are independent public authorities that supervise, through investigative and corrective […]

What constitutes data processing?

Processing covers a wide range of operations performed on personal data, including […]

What is personal data?

Personal data is any information that relates to an identified or identifiable living individual. […]


Custom CSS

The Custom CSS Editor allows you to customize the appearance of your CookieBox banner and pop-up. When editing your CSS, you’ll be able to preview your changes before actually saving them, having a complete control over the process.

No programming
skills requierd

CookieBox offers an easy-to-implement JavaScript code to add to your website to allow end users to configure what cookies are allowed to be stored in their browser. Just copy and paste the JavaScript code into the <head> section of your website.

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